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Проволока с ПВХ покрытием

В продаже появились:

- Технологические газы компании "Линде Газ"

- Комплектующие и расходники для сварки и металлообработки

- Оцинкованая проволка

Wire mesh

Wire meshWe offer a huge selection of metal grids of our own production at really competitive prices.  You can buy galvanized and coated PVC netting wholesale and retail. Regular customers and wholesale customers will be given special discounts.

We are manufacturers, which means that we control the entire process, from the drawing of low-carbon wire, high-quality PVC coating to the weaving of the mesh and packaging. We can produce goods with the desired cell parameters, roll height, anti-corrosion coating and the desired wire thickness. Also you can choose any color of PVC. We take into account all individual wishes and requirements.

The wire mesh with PVC is intended to use in the following spheres:

  • Fencing of buildings under construction
  • Fencing of houses and cottages, personal and garden plots
  • Fencing of tennis courts, children's and sports grounds
  • Fences, cages and aviaries for birds and animals
  • Shields for ventilation shafts

Having ordered a metal mesh netting from us, you can be sure that:

  • in the production of mesh, we guarantee the highest quality at each stage of its production
  • we deliver to all regions
  • we provide technical advice on packaging and take into account all your wishes
  • we provide discounts