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Masonry mesh

Welded masonry mesh (armopoyas) made of steel wire.

This type of mesh belongs to building materials. The map of such a mesh has clear overall dimensions, ideally even geometry of cells and has a high strength of welded joints. It is manufactured both in a standard overall size, mesh size and wire thickness, and according to individual requests.

The main areas of application of masonry mesh:

  • reinforcement of reinforced concrete;
  • reinforcement of floors, floors;
  • reinforcement of paths, foundations, blind areas;
  • reinforcement of asphalt-concrete road surfaces;
  • bridge building;
  • reinforcement of brickwork, building blocks;
  • reinforcement for plastering and facade works;
  • for monolithic housing construction;
  • for sheathing of pipelines;
  • installation of insulation on the roof;
  •  production of aviaries, cages for animals;
  • for fencing the territory and areas;
  • for the manufacture of grilles for ventilation shafts;
  • production and installation of fences;
  • production of frames for greenhouses and hotbeds, as well as in the form of a plaster mesh.

Due to a large margin of safety and a long period of operation, a product of this type can be used at various facilities - from small household structures to residential buildings and large industrial buildings.

There are two forms of release:

  • Rolls, if the diameter of the steel wire or reinforcement is up to 5 mm. Sometimes a little more. Or it is a composite mesh with a fiber diameter of 1.5 to 8 mm.
  • Maps (sheets), which is typical for steel masonry mesh with a large diameter of reinforcement. Although in this case, one of the technologies involves the purchase of reinforcement rather than mesh. A mesh is formed from it directly at the construction site.


  • the smaller the mesh size, the stronger the mesh, and the higher its ability to withstand heavy loads;
  • the presence of a polymer or zinc coating will help resist corrosion and environmental influences.
  • the weight of the masonry mesh affects its strength: the greater the weight, the more load the mesh can withstand. The strength of the mesh can be determined by its weight: you need to weigh the roll of masonry mesh, calculate the weight of 1 sq. m and compare with the theoretical (reference) weight. If the difference in weight is more than 5%, then the quality of this roll is poor.