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Wrapping wire

wrapping wirePVC insulated wrapping wire

Packing wire is an excellent strapping material used both at home and in many industries for:

  • cargo packing;
  • reliable strapping of containers with a wide variety of products;
  • complete set of consignments of goods.

It is a steel wire with a diameter of 0.4-0.5 mm, covered with a PVC sheath, which allows this wire to be used in various conditions. The materials are specially selected so that the wire has high strength, good flexibility and the ability to bend many times without kinking. The coating can be any color.

Wrapping wire has a number of practical properties:

  • resistance to unintentional exposure to sharp objects;
  • high level of packing contraction;
  • very good flexibility;
  • high strength.

Available on plastic spools.

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