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Wire for heating concrete

Wire for heating concreteWire for heating concrete is a wire, which is used for heating concrete under conditions of hardening at low temperatures. It is used for floor heaters up to 380V AC or 1000V DC.

At temperatures below 5 ° C (concrete), it becomes necessary to heat the concrete. At the moment, the technology of winter concreting is based on the use of technologies for heating concrete and its next curing until the critical and stripping strength is achieved according to the relevant standards. This procedure is, in fact, resource-saving, since through additional energy costs, there are opportunities to reduce construction time; efficient use of labor resources and equipment. In addition, it is possible to completely exclude such a phenomenon as freezing of concrete at an early age and it is possible to guarantee the high quality required for the construction of a structure.

Wires are resistant to changes in ambient temperature: from -60 ° to + 50 ° С

Maximum allowable operating temperature: + 80 ° С

Wire for heating concrete buyWiring should be carried out at an ambient temperature of at least -15 ° С

The wires are resistant to water and a 20% aqueous solution of sodium chloride or a 30% alkali solution Ca (OH) 2 or NaOH.

The bending radius of the wires during installation must be: at least 5 outer diameters

Minimum bending radius: 25mm

The assembled wires must not cross or touch each other, the distance between the wires must be: at least 15 mm

Wire mode - intermittent or long-term

It is allowed to manufacture heating sections from 2-3 wire sections, while the connection of the conductive cores of the sections can be done in any way that ensures the quality of the connection.