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Barbed wire

Our production successfully produces such products as: barbed wire and egoza wire of various types.

Barbed wire is a galvanized or non-galvanized steel wire, on which pieces of the same wire are worn, which are twisted into two springs threaded into each other. Double spikes are placed every 3-15 cm. So that the spikes do not slip on the wire at their location, corrugation is applied to the wire. Barbed wire is intended to protect the territory that must be protected from the penetration of undesirable subjects. Although more than a hundred years have passed since the invention of barbed wire, its design and scope have not changed much during this time. Despite such a long history of use, barbed wire to this day is one of the cheapest, but quite effective means of protecting the territory of various objects.

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Reinforced barbed tape, or Egoza barbed wire, is a modern analogue of ordinary barbed wire, more advanced in design and superior to its prototype in almost all respects. Although ordinary barbed wire performs the tasks of protecting the territory of objects quite well, at present it cannot guarantee reliable protection. For reliable protection of property, the most effective is the use of Egoza barbed wire and various types of barriers, in the construction of which the reinforced Egoza barbed tape is used.

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The basis of Egoza, unlike ordinary barbed wire, is a core of elastic steel wire. As a rule, galvanized wire made of high carbon steel is used. The minimum allowable diameter of the wire used as a base is 2.5 mm. A barbed tape made of galvanized metal with a thickness of 0.5-0.6 mm is fixed to the wire base by crimping. Spikes on a barbed tape made of such a material combine sufficient elasticity and sharpness at the same time. Depending on the purpose of the AKL, the spikes can have a different length, shape and spacing. The protective and operational characteristics of reinforced barbed tape are directly dependent on the materials used.